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We think that design in Drawers for Pharmacies are possible and can communicate. Explore our new Fronts for Drawers.
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The functionality and style for simple forms, gives you the value for the pharmacy furniture. You’ll discove the elegance of the wood.
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We don’t create only furniture, because we think that a Pharmacy has to communicate in every single piece.
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Latest Projects

Project Pharmacy Rufolo

Pharmacy Rufolo, a new project by PH Design’s team.A new pharmacy with a unique style. Gibam Group’s partner PH Design, fitted a new design of pharmacy

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The importance of accessible pharmacies

The importance of accessible pharmacies

Pharmacies provide a service to all users, both healthy customers and patients with special needs. The professional role of the pharmacist has evolved considerably in recent years, becoming a key part of the health system. “Universal Accessibility” means that all users, regardless of their physical or cognitive limits, should be able to go to the […]

Man activating an online pharmacy search bar

The online sale of drugs arrives in Italy

Italy has announced that at the end of October it will be ready the system for the sale of non-prescription drugs from online pharmacies. At the end of October, Italy announced that soon it will be ready the system for the sale of drugs online, so Italians will soon be able to shop from home […]


The ideal furniture for your pharmacy

The interior decoration of a pharmacy is one of the fundamental aspects to promote the customer loyalty. In recent years there has been an increase in competition among pharmacies due to the increased density of outlets and the easer way users can move. For this reason it is becoming increasingly important to get the best […]

best time to go to the pharmacy

What time going to the pharmacy?

Do you have to follow a medical treatment? Sometimes you have doubts about drugs, times, foods that would be good not to take with your medicines?